This week there’s been a lot of focus on ‘perfectionism’ – society’s need to be and look perfect.

Usually I post pictures of myself that are semi thought through – you know, you wanna look cuuute and ready for the gram! In 50%, or more likely 80%, of my pictures I’m a complete goof ball because that’s 100% my personality, but I never really post those photos.

Why? That’s actually a good question… people who know me, know that I have these crazy facial expressions and that I never really look super pretty in real life lol – yet still, you get a different me on social media.

I’ve decided to add some of the photos that I would never post on my social media that are such a huge part of the person I am

I think it’s important to recognize that we live in a world of self-comparison,

which I don’t necessarily think is a bad thing. But we’re blaming social media for our poor perception of what is real and how we compare ourselves to unrealistic standards. Photos that are photoshopped or people who have gone through multiple plastic surgeries. I definitely believe we are our own worst enemies…

I don’t photoshop my photos, or haven’t had any plastic surgery or anything that comes close to it, but I am for sure guilty of posting only dope photos where I look good. I never post anything negative or photos where I’m sad or that show that my life isn’t always as amazing as it might look on my social media.

But why do we have a need to look so pretty and perfect on social media? Is it recognition and approval of others? I think that’s a really good question – but I don’t have an answer… I don’t feel like I’m a vain or narcissistic person (even though my Instagram might look somewhat close to that lol), but for me it’s also a way of branding myself.. in the industry that I’m in, I just feel like I have to look presentable and not look like a complete goof ball. But I am for considering posting more of those kinds of photos…

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