It’s been a while, guys, but I’m finally back and more motivated ever about making my DREAMS interviews and hopefully inspiring some of you along the way!

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This time I’ve reached out to the wonderful Rikke Ganer-Tolsøe, who is a Danish singer and blogger. This Saturday Feb. 10th she will be performing on stage in front of a million ish people in the Danish Eurovision Song Contest. I sat down to talk to Rikke the other day to talk about ESC, her blogger universe Women with no Filter – check it out right down here






I took three different things with me that I believe are crucial living an entrepreneurial life.


  • Having the right people around you – as much as you think you can, you can’t do everything on your own! I have some amazing people around me who help me out because they want to. We all have weaknesses, even the most succesful people in the world have, and we can’t do everything on our own. Surround yourself with people who are on the same path as you, who might have been through a similar journey as you.  Whether it’s a mentor or a friend with creative ideas or an acquainted who has been in a similar situation before you, who can share advice and tools. Don’t be scared to share your obstacles, fears or problems. Let other people help you in areas that are not your expertise – for example I’m very creative and have a lot of good ideas that I want to execute but for this project I needed help with my website, graphics, getting a camera man and just something a simple as guidance on tax and VAT when I started my own company ?


  • Branding yourself on social media – a simple hashtag can open a new, and important door, for your career. Rikke is a great example of that! She hashtagged “singer” on a video on her instagram and was headhunted by a famous singer in Denmark, who was looking for an artist to sing her song in this year Eurovision Song Contest.
    Defining and adjusting your personal brand with your career might help you achieve success. I’m a brand – you’re a brand – so if you’re trying to stand out, in any industry, think about how to manage and optimize the way you present yourself on social media – or in real life for that matter. But social media is a huge key to managing your personal brand online. And why settle with one platform when you can do all, and more than one of each. Rikke has three different Facebooks and two different Instagrams for her different projects. When I started out with my different projects, a friend told me I should make different Facebook and – Taylor told me to get different Instagrams (haven’t seen my interview with Taylor? See it here) but I thought it was a bit too much, but I get it now. It’s all about branding yourself and having so many different projects (businesses) that aren’t 100% connected of course they should have different platforms.


  • Learn to say ‘no’ and trust your gut feeling – even though it’s a huge opportunity for you, make sure it’s the right decision for you in the long run. Intuition is a weird thing. We can’t really explain it and sometimes we wonder if our gut feeling is mistaken for fear.
    BT, which Rikke mentions in the interview, is one of the biggest news platforms in Denmark. So being offered some kind of collaboration is a huge opportunity for her blog and her traffic. But sometimes a big opportunity like hers just wasn’t right for her business. It’s so important to look at the facts and make sure that you consider all the options. It might not be the right time now, but it doesn’t mean that it will be the only opportunity you’ll get.





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