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5-6 months ago I was watching the Danish talk show Good Morning Denmark and Sy Lee was on there to talk about being a public person in the reality world. I found his indslag very interesting and thought it would be interesting to talk more about that with him. As you can hear in my interview with him, I’ve considered doing reality TV but I’ve had this barriere that has stopped me (you can hear why in the interview), so for me and my journey I thought it was relevant to talk to him. Besides that I really wanted to know if Sy is living his dream life, as it looks like from the outside.

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Sy Lee

is a blogger, vlogger, influencer and just fab! I haven’t known Sy for very long, but I can tell you the time I’ve known him has been one big party!

I believe there are as many downsides as there are upsides of being a reality celebrity.

Sy mentions that being a reality personality is a kind of acknowledgement from people to hear how awesome you are. Normal human development requires that we feel recognized and seen by others. And who doesn’t want to be acknowledged? I believe people crave attention just as much as the crave love and affection. It’s just a normal part of being human, I guess.

Sy gets sponsored clothes, shoes, makeup and other stuff which is one of the advantages of being a public person. I will admit that I sometimes think it could be awesome to be famous and get invited to big events and have people know my name. But then I think if it’s worth it.

The most common belief is that famous people and celebrities have everything in life. It’s the whole perception of the grass is greener. We look at other people’s lives and material things that we don’t have and have a hard time feeling satisfied with their own lives and situations.

Sure, when people become famous, more opportunities arise in their lives, either career related, or perhaps personally.

Just like Sy, a lot of reality personalities pursue the entrepreneurial path when they become famous, so becoming famous can be a tactically and smart way to start your own company. I just think that people need to decide what kind of fame they’re looking for because a lot of reality personalities have put themselves situations where they’re seen in a negative light afterwards.





if you wanna do reality TV.


Stay aware that someone close to you might not support your dream of becoming famous. Perhaps because of jealousy or because this person don’t believe in the same values as you. Chasing your dreams, chasing a famous life might make you lose friends. Instead of saying “hey take me with you” they say “why would you want that? How can you be this superficial?”. Remember, your dream isn’t the same as your friends. And that’s okay because man, how boring would it be if we all had the exact same dreams?


I had this idea that it might be easier to find love if you’re famous, but had never thought about the fact that it might be a hindring. Sy has actually been in a situation where he met someone special who really cared for him, but this person wasn’t interested in being a public person, so they had to part ways. I had an idea that famous people need to be careful who they date or get into relationships with if people are using them, but I never thought that it would be the other way around – that they said “no thank you” because that person was famous.


Take into consideration how famous you want to be. 90% of people who have done reality TV you don’t really remember, right? Then there’s the rest (no need to name names) who are so characteristic and know how to brand them selves so they stay in the spot light. Sy, for example, is a character! He stands out in so many ways.

Think about how you can be judged being a public figure in reality. Like Sy says, a lot of people look down on reality people, place them in a box, think they don’t have much to offer. Sy has  a masters in XXX and has started his own company. To be honest, before I saw the indslag in Good Morning Denmark I thought he was “just a reality person”. I think that’s very human. But after getting to know him, I see that there’s is much more to him.

Be aware that being a reality person might limit you in different areas. Job interviews (I’ve heard that several Paradise Hotel contestants have been turned down at job interviews becasuse they have exposed them selves negatively on TV).

Talk to someone who’s done reality TV. Like Sy said, perhaps there need to some reality coaches that can guide and explain what to do and what NOT to do on TV – I think we can all agree that some reality personalities could have used a guide before going on TV.


Being a famous reality personality has brought Sy a lot of cool stuff, a red carpet lifestyle, bigger network, BUT it hasn’t made him any happier. Evidently, money and material things can’t buy happiness, which Sy is a perfect example of. He has a lot of sponsored clothes and material stuff, gets to go to all the cool events, mingle with the most famous and prestige people in Denmark BUT all he wants is to find love, settle down in a small house on the country, with a dog and kids…

Okay so, according to Sy being famous doesn’t equal a better and happier life. Every day you have to be in a good mood and your social media has to look like you’re living the perfect life because that’s what people want to see and that’s why people follow you. They need someone to inspire and motivate you. And like Sy says, he got really good at it but it took over his life and at some point he couldn’t live up to that life.


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Thank you so much for reading! I hope you guys found it interesting and useful. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think.

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