Interviewing at the launch of HayU Nordics

A couple of weeks ago I was interviewing at the official launch of HayU Nordics, hosted by Target PR. (Scroll down to see which celebs and reality personalities I interviewed)

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A big thanks to Target PR for the invite to their amazing event! They literally thought of e-ver-ry-thing… Oh, and how cute are those Kim Kardashian cupcakes? Would it be completely self-centered to throw a party where I make cupcakes with myself on them ? …. Yeah, you’re probably right – it would…


I was in the company of different celebs, from bloggers to actors to influencers. The first one there was Danish blogger ‘Irina the Diva’, but this girl wasn’t trying to do any interviews…Her outfit was killer, though! It was for sure inspired by Kim Kardashian for that specific occasion. She told us that she is generally compared to Kim K. Kim K is an original, though, so…

I talked to bloggers Nikita Klæstrup and Ekaterina Krarup Andersen who were super adorable! I’ve heard about Nikita and Ekaterina but it was my first time meeting them. Both girls are feminists with big F’s. Perhaps you have seen them in the media with big statements and…not too much clothes ? Nikita is without a doubt the hottest politician out here! Both ladies left such a positive impression.

The next two I interviewed were actor Hadi Ka-Koush and his beautiful wife Elham Kavousi. You probably know him best from ‘Adam & Noah’, I was all surprised that he actually doesn’t have that accent lol. He was super cool and so funny and after the interview took some time to give me some personal advice about my projects. His wife, Elham, was such a sweetheart too. I was actually invited to her book release back in October, but unfortunately I couldn’t go.

I then interviewed Allan XX who is a male blogger (Dad to four girls) and choreographer and boss lady Cammilla Malmberg. I’ve known Cammilla for many years, she’s a boss lady and sweetheart and Allan was hilarious. He was in Popstars back in 2002.

Last person I interviewed was Instagramer Monja (Mowu Blog). I actually hadn’t planned on interviewing her cause I didn’t know her, but we started talking about the event and connecting and I decided to interview her as well. Her instagram is actually pretty cool, with the most beautiful travel pictures!


go to where you can read some of the different articles that are already out ūüėČ

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BTW, I’m absolutely addicted to the HayU app! Finally I have an app where I can watch allll the reality shows I want! How many times have you guys searched for the latest reality online, visiting illegal websites or tried to open a video that’s only available to people in the US? I feel your struggle… But now you got HayU!


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